GenAI Endpoints: your 3x cost-efficient alternative to Amazon Cloud for Image and Video generation

  • Autoscale
  • Get started quickly
  • Stable Diffusion 1.5, SDXL
  • DreamBooth, Roop, IP Adapter, ControlNet
Text to Image & Image to Image
Pay only for for requests
  • Roop, IP adapter
    10 images for 0.03$
    24 GB VRAM
    8s for 512x512 25 steps
  • Stable Diffusion v1.5
    2,000 images for $1
    24 GB VRAM (1024x1024 max)
    3.4s for 512x512 25 steps

  • DreamBooth
    $0.5 Model Training Price
    24-80 GB VRAM
    100s of images in less than 20m

Data Security & Usage

Endpoints temporarily save data to fulfill requests and allow status checks within 1 hour of completion.

Our Solution
Amazon Cloud
Pay only for requests
Easy Custom Requests
Scalable 24-80 GB VRAM
After request
Final costs
The best price
>5x times more expensive
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